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Time Keeping in High Volume Traffic and Messy Environments

Biometric Time Clock Hardware: TR500

Biometric clocks are the best technology partner for management teams who want to control labor costs and payroll errors. The TR500 biometric time clock is highly specialized to control costs for busy workplaces that collects real time employee data in clean and messy environments alike.

Key Features

This time clock is ideal for industries such as grocery, retail, construction, logistics & distribution, large businesses in hospitality, healthcare, staffing and more.

Employees can quickly clock in with a fingerprint (in one second), smart card or entering their PIN on the 5" touch screen. Punch restrictions minimize unauthorized overtime and employee self-service lets them answer their own hours and scheduling questions.


  • World's #1 Fingerprint Technology: with its advanced multispectral fingerprint sensor, the TR500 collects real-time employee data from fingers that are clean, dusty, or oily, making it ideal for busy, clean and messy environments alike

  • Punch Restrictions: the TR500 allows you to limit when your employees can clock in or out so you never have to worry about employees working more than their scheduled hours or having to owe them undue overtime

  • Employee Self-Service: with its simple interface and 5" LCD screen, employees can quickly look over their hours, schedules and punches in a few clicks

  • Real-Time Data: designed with today's connected world in mind (IoT "internet of things" and m2m "machine-to-machine"), our communication technology leverages seamless real-time data transfer from our devices to third-party systems and vice-versa

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE): using the existing local area network (LAN) for both power and data eliminates the need for any additional power supply or electrical wiring

  • Mobile Pass: as more business is conducted on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and wearables, organizations need to meet user demands for flexible identity management – without sacrificing security and privacy

  • Intuitive User Interface: the TR-500 touchscreen displays crisp, high resolution user notification screens, and includes a versatile communication interface with flexible APIs

Additional Features

  • Texas Instruments ARM A8 processor
  • Intuitive user notifications
  • 5" color touch screen
  • Built-in wifi
  • Multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • World's most advanced fingerprint sensor
  • Intelligent "push" technology
  • 1 million log memory
  • Integrated smart card reader (optional)
  • Wiegand out
  • Programmable universal relay
  • Ethernet port with DHCP
  • Barcode and magnetic stripe reader interface

Download the TR500 time clock data sheet