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All Time Rack clocks provide biometric, badge and pin entry options eliminating your need to worry about which hardware device you chose! 

Biometric time clocks offer the additional ability to track employee’s time by a unique biological trait. However, the true purpose is unchanged: control labor costs and reduce payroll errors. Overtime, buddy punching issues and inaccurate time logs are no longer a concern as Time Rack offers physical time clock hardware. Our hardware selections are available with purchase and rental options that are pre-loaded with Time Rack’s proactive time & attendance firmware.

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The Time Rack TR500 biometric time clock utilizes a patented multispectral fingerprint sensor for busy workplaces that collects real time employee data in clean and messy environments alike.

Employees can quickly clock in with a fingerprint (in one second), smart card or entering their PIN on the 5" touch screen. Punch restrictions minimize unauthorized overtime and employee self-service lets them answer their own hours and scheduling questions. Learn More

Time Clock Hardware: TR500

Time Clock Hardware: TR905


TR905 is an adaptable time clock, perfect for employers with a high employee count. Function keys, a 3.5" TFT LCD and integrated RFID offer excellent user experience for employees. It provides a user-friendly intuitive interface and fast identification speed, with advanced access control capabilities. Easily add expandable features and customize to specific requirements needed. Learn More


The Time Rack TR1000 facial recognition time clock offers touchless clock in and out for employees, which promotes a more sanitary workplace and eliminates the opportunity for buddy punching. Employees can clock in and out using a contactless RFID card, pin, or ultra-fast facial recognition.Learn More

Time Clock Hardware: TR500

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