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Time Rack clients get more than great time and attendance software. They get great time and attendance software backed up by a system of ongoing support.

Time Rack Ongoing Care is more than a support team. It’s a genuine commitment to making the lives of our clients easier, whether that means providing onsite support or a call back after business hours.

Our idea of support is a little different. It means the Time Rack team is on your team – and available for 24/7 support at every level up to executive management. That’s not hyperbole. When you reach out for help from Time Rack, you’ll hear back.

Our idea of “business hours” is a little different too. We may be experts at time and attendance, but when it comes to supporting our customers, the Time Rack team never clocks out. Ongoing care is care that’s there when you need it.

We don’t just want your business. We want customers for life.

Time Rack Ongoing Care: Get Your Time Back and Enjoy it Too

Our software eliminates data entry, human error, paper time cards, manual time tracking and a whole lot of other manual burdens while giving you back your time. But it’s our unmatched customer support that really lets you enjoy it.

At Time Rack we’re more than a software company; we’re a listening company. We’re a problem-solving company. We’re a long-term commitment company.

If that sounds like the kind of time and attendance partner your business could use, give us a call or click on the link below. Either way you’ll hear back from a Time Rack expert. With deep roots in the payroll industry, the members of the Time Rack team have deep experience managing the challenges you face every day and they’re committed to delivering real solutions, not cookie-cutter answers and support tickets.

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