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Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll Guide

Since 2013, Time Rack® has integrated our Time & Attendance software with Accounting CS Payroll software from Thomson Reuters to automate real-time sharing of HR payroll information between accountants and their clients.

Below is a how-to guide on how to use Time Rack with Accounting CS Payroll.

Setting up Time Rack clients in Accounting CS Payroll

  1. Choose Setup > Clients.
  2. Highlight the existing client name or add the new client as described in the Entering basic client information topic.
  3. Click the Payroll Information tab.
  4. In the Employee Data Integration section, mark the Time Rack checkbox. Then, in the Default Time Entry Method section, choose the Import option select Time Rack in the Source field.
  5. Click the Ellipsis button next to the Payroll Schedules field.


  • To exclude salaried employees from Time Rack imports for this client, mark the Exclude Salaried Employees checkbox.
  • Employees with both salary and hourly pay items are considered Hourly employees and will not be excluded from Time Rack imports when this checkbox is marked.

Setting up Employees of Time Rack Clients in Accounting CS Payroll

  1. Choose Setup > Employees.
  2. Set up your employee as usual, as described in the Entering basic employee information topic.
  3. On the Main tab of the Setup > Employees screen, make sure the employees have at least one department associated with their primary work location.
  4. If the employee uses multiple payroll schedules, select the Time Rack pay schedule in the Primary payroll schedule field in the Main tab. You can select other pay schedules in the Alternate payroll schedule field.
  5. On the Personal tab, make sure that a hire date is entered for each employee.
  6. On the Payroll Items tab, make sure that each employee has at least one active pay item set up.


Employees must be setup in Accounting CS Payroll prior to being imported to Time Rack.

Setting up Clients in Time Rack

  1. Setup basic client information.
  2. Setup pay policies to match the Accounting CS payroll schedule. Verify the month, day, and year are the same.
  3. Perform System update(s) in Time Rack to synchronize Accounting CS with Time Rack.

Contact Time Rack Support for detailed assistance with setup in Time Rack.

Processing Payroll Checks for Time Rack clients

Upon completion of the setup steps and prior to processing payroll in Accounting CS, the Time Rack XML file must be sent to Accounting CS.


We recommend that you verify that employee pay rates are up to date and correct in Time Rack before you send the time card XML file to Accounting CS Payroll. When the payroll batch is imported via the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, the existence of any zero or out-of-date pay rates prompts you (in Accounting CS Payroll) to import or reject pay rate changes for the affected employee.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks.
  2. Select the Time Rack client in the client selection list and select the appropriate payroll schedule. The application will check for changes from Time Rack.
  3. An updates dialog displays any existing changes. Review the changes and, if necessary, reject any by marking the Reject checkbox next to the updated information. Click OK to accept all other changes and close the dialog.
  4. The payroll check information is imported from Time Rack. Enter, Suspend, or Cancel the batch as appropriate. For more information about entering batch payroll checks, please see the Entering batch payroll checks procedure.

Important Limitations or Exceptions

  • Client records must be added and deleted in Accounting CS Payroll and then sent to Time Rack.
  • New payroll items and accruable benefit items can be added only in the application.
  • Time Rack does not currently support the import of deduction items. However, any deduction items that you set up for an employee in Accounting CS Payroll will be calculated on payroll checks after time entry is imported from Time Rack. You will need to make any manual amount adjustments to the deduction items in Accounting CS Payroll.
  • Time Rack time entry does not enable you to specify time worked as Regular hours, Overtime hours, Accruable Benefit Hours Used. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do NOT create separate payroll items for Overtime Hours, PTO, Vacation, or Sick Pay, etc.
    • Accruable benefits must be set up as accruable benefits, not as pay items.
    • Regular, Overtime, Double-time, and Accruable Benefit hours are imported to the employee’s default payroll item as setup in Time Rack. The hours cannot be mapped to another payroll item in Accounting CS.
  • Accounting CS will not send updates to Time Rack for employee records that are marked as Inactive.
  • Currently, for Fixed Amount type pay items, you cannot enter both hours and amounts in Time Rack prior to import into Accounting CS Payroll. You can enter either the amount or the hours via Time Rack, and the other must be entered in Accounting CS Payroll.
  • All employees are synchronized with Time Rack, regardless of the selected payroll schedule, unless you have marked the Exclude salary employees checkbox in the Payroll Information tab of the Setup > Clients screen.
  • To avoid problems with synchronization between Accounting CS and Time Rack, employees should only be added in Accounting CS, and then imported to Time Rack. Additionally, employees should not be deleted, but rather set as inactive.

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