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Time Rack Marketing Guide for CPAs

How to Sell Time & Attendance for Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll Users

Time Rack Guide for CPAs

Offering Time Rack time and attendance, which integrates with Accounting CS, you will:

  • Add even more value to your existing clients
  • Land larger clients requiring T&A
  • Increase recurring revenues (see our case study)
  • Preserve/increase client retention by becoming "sticker"

Below is your guide for doing so with Time Rack.

Download the Time Rack Marketing Guide Brochure


  • Talk to us: we can only help you if you reach out
  • View a demo
  • Learn our CPA referral and commission structure
  • Sign up for our Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll marketing program
  • Customize our marketing kit for your prospecting
  • Launch the Time Rack email campaign to promote a personalized demo for your clients – we recommend you follow up those that click on each email or open it multiple times by phone and by direct email
  • Schedule a personalized Time Rack demo with your interested clients, which we will conduct in conjunction with you; we are also happy to host group webinar demos that will allow many of your clients to see the product at one time
  • Understand your client's advanced/customized functionality requirements of the software along with whatever combination of the mobile app (with geofencing), time clock hardware (with biometrics), and HR functionality is wanted/needed
  • Extend Time Rack pricing to your interested clients (with options for wants vs. needs)
  • Have your client sign the Time Rack agreement and identify an implementation date


  • We will perform the Time Rack implementation for a modest fee to cover our costs
  • Implementation takes place and we support at least the first payroll run – via online meeting as they're going through the process
  • Time Rack troubleshoots/adjusts the implemented time and attendance solution to ensure smooth future payroll runs and happy clients for you


  • Time Rack provides the support you need to ensure your clients effectively use time and attendance
  • Time Rack updates you on new software, hardware, mobile, and other solution updates prior to their availability

All of the above can be customized to you and your clients, but only if you talk to us.

Contact us to learn more about Time Rack for Accounting CS Payroll