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Time & Attendance How-To Guide: Punch Lockout

Do you have issues with employees clocking in outside of their scheduled time – either clocking in too early or on days when they’re not scheduled? These scenarios can lead to unscheduled labor costs and unbudgeted overtime.

Time Rack has a lockout feature that allows you to set a specific scheduling window of time for each employee. This prevents an employee from punching in outside of their work schedule – before their shift starts and on days when they’re not scheduled.

Time Rack punch lockout is all about controlling whether total work hours exceed each employee’s preconfigured work hour allotment.

How to Set Time Rack Punch Lockout

Just a few steps are needed to complete the Time Rack scheduling window:

  1. Press and hold down M/OK for 3 seconds.
  2. Go to SYSTEM and press M/OK twice.
  3. Hit the down arrow until you reach RECHECK MIN.
  4. Within RECHECK MIN set a value of 30 minutes.
  5. Press M/OK twice and then ESC twice to return to the main screen.

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