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Time & Attendance Case Studies

All things considered, we call it success when we are able to effectively guide change and implement outstanding technology that caters to a client’s need. Time Rack®, offering proactive time & attendance solutions, is committed to addressing the employee time processing needs of a company in an easy, efficient and highly secure manner. Here are some success stories that demonstrate how our clients have benefitted immensely by implementing our service.

Time Rack Case Study

As a small-business owner providing payroll and bookkeeping services to a diverse collection of other small and midsized businesses, Amy Brown knows that the size of the company does not define the size of the challenges. After starting her b..

Time Rack Case Study

Business Benefits: Over 70% reduction in administrative costs of time card management including collecting, verifying, processing and reporting weekly employee hours. A 40% reduction in employee overtime due to real-time system alerts and report..

Time Rack Case Study

With over 30 stores, ensuring updated, consistent and easily available information is crucial in making informed decisions and controlling costs. Business Benefits: Over 50 % reduction in administrative costs of time card management including ..

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