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We’re Going to Vegas, Baby!

Posted on Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Time & Attendance Software: Staffing World 2019 | Time Rack

You’ve heard the saying: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The motto, born out of the wildly successful 2003 marketing campaign for Las Vegas tourism, is now the unofficial permanent tagline of the city.

Most recently, Vegas has been in the spotlight for its plans to build a high-speed train that will transport passengers between Vegas and Victorville, California in 90 minutes. It’s also impossible to ignore the nation’s heightened interest in Area 51, 85 miles north of Las Vegas.

But as one of the world’s premier entertainment destinations, Vegas is best known for its palm trees, shopping, nightlife, and grandiose casinos; however, for those attending Staffing World 2019, the focus won’t be on carelessly gambling your money away. Instead, it will be on making wise investments in innovations for the staffing world, so you can grow your money in another way: by increasing your productivity and efficiency.

At first glance, the options for staffing solutions can be mind-boggling, not to mention the many choices for time and attendance tracking. But for staffing agencies juggling a roster of part-time, on-and-off workers for clients who need service that doesn't flinch in the face of a little seasonal chaos, the options are considerably narrowed.

At Time Rack, our management has roots in the staffing industry. Our software is created with the challenges of staffing businesses in mind. 

Staffing Solutions for Full-Time, Part-Time, and Everything In Between

Time Rack software has built-in solutions for the needs of staffing agencies, including time-saving features like the automatic calculation of billing rates and mark-ups for easy invoicing. Employees who haven’t worked for a set period can be automatically deactivated – meaning you don’t get billed for them.

If they’re seasonal? With Time Rack, it’s easy to reactivate seasonal employees.

Plus, our software features robust reporting capabilities which pull scheduling and rate data to enable exact calculation of payroll costs in advance. If you want, you can even get that data broken down by department or location.

Our software also lets users plan schedules months in advance. Like Vegas, your scheduling can be on point 24/7.

Other benefits include:

  • User-friendly functionality that saves on data entry
  • Proactive alerts for work authorization documentation or certification deadlines
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training that's available when you need it

Unique Challenges Call for Custom Solutions

It's an all-in-one, single sign-on system that even includes an HR module for streamlining recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration and more.  All of which makes us a great fit for just about any workforce, but it makes us a perfect fit for industries dependent on a part-time or seasonal workforce. That includes, grocers, retailers, healthcare, transportation, logistics and manufacturing. Other customizable features make fast work of highly specialized problems, like the complex time tracking required of nursing facilities under the Affordable Care Act, or the hospitality industry's need for project-based reporting and cost accounting.

Join Time Rack at Staffing World 2019

Our staffing clients have the added advantage of services provided by our sister company Payroll Tax Management. We're all heading to Vegas Oct. 15-17 for Staffing World 2019. It's an opportunity to share solutions and network with our many friends, clients and colleagues in the staffing industry – and we would love to see you there. Stop by Booth #635 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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