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What You Need to Know About the Right Time Management Solution

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2019

Time & Attendance Software: Finding the Right Solution | Time Rack

Everybody brings something to the table.

Take any successful office – it’s full of people who have their own areas of expertise. You’ve got a spreadsheet maven. There’s someone who knows the perfect way to phrase a letter. There’s always that one person who always remembers everyone’s birthday and the right time to send flowers.

None of them are generalists, but every one of those examples are experts in their own way and your office would probably be lost without them. By working together and leveraging your strengths, you turn your challenges into wins.

Software’s the same way. With the latest installment of “Time Crunch,” Time Rack’s can’t-miss series on time management, Andrew Ackerman shows you how leveraging software specialties lets you bring the big win to the table – with all necessary data viewable in under two minutes.

Ensuring All Your Needs are Met

Good payroll software’s the key to excellent time tracking – being able to pay employees accurately and punctually is pretty much job one. But just because software’s good at one thing doesn’t mean it’s good at another.

Take time and attendance: a lot of big software companies will sell you their out-of-the-box time management solution, but it might not meet your exact needs. Maybe it makes tracking missing punches too difficult, or the reports don’t relay the information you need.

Hold up! Just because one part of your software solution doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you have to ditch the entire platform. Our video shows you how Time Rack’s efficient, accurate and budget-friendly solution works with every major payroll platform on the market: ADP, PayChex, Quickbooks and more!

Plus, if we don’t currently work with your software of choice, we’ll build an interface bridge so we can.

What this means is you can keep what’s working for you. There’s no need to train staff on a new time tracking software platform, no nights spent agonizing over adopting an entire new payroll solution. Time Rack doesn’t just work for you – we’ll work with you.

We’ll be adding more and more great content to our YouTube channel – subscribe to get the latest tips, tricks and info on how to maximize your time and attendance potential. Better yet, feel free to set up a meeting with a Time Rack expert – we’ll happily show you how specialization can let you bring your best to the table.

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