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What Is Time Rack Cloud Time & Attendance?

Posted on Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What Is Time Rack Cloud Time & Attendance?

Time Rack® is a leading cloud-based time and attendance solution that offers a robust and customizable program for meeting the unique needs of any organization. Time Rack, Inc. is headquartered in Corona, California.

Traditional timekeeping methods are not only unnecessarily labor-intensive and costly, but also prone to calculation and data entry errors. This leads to additional time and money being spent on error correction and tax penalties.

Time & attendance issues, when left unaddressed, can cripple a company’s bottom-line. We strive to bring to you a flexible, efficient and highly secure product that makes it easier to collect, manage and process employee time. Our cloud-based Time & Attendance system provides solutions for thousands of employees nationally and organizations in the staffing, grocery, security, retail, manufacturing and distribution industries. Time Rack presents the most credible time clocks for employees: workplace management has never been so easy!

Time Rack solutions provide clients scalable benefits without the massive price tag including advanced functionality, enhanced productivity and cutting edge technology.

Our clients mean everything to us!

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