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11 Ways Time Rack was Built for Staffing

Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Time & Attendance Software: Built for Staffing Agencies | Time Rack

Used by hundreds of staffing agencies across the country since 2004, Time Rack was designed to simplify and automate time and attendance tracking for the staffing industry. Here are 11 ways we can make your job a whole lot easier:

  1. Enable employees to review and approve timecards electronically, eliminating the need to print them out and get them signed
  2. Automate time and attendance reporting, eliminating error-prone data entry
  3. Automatically sync time and attendance data with your payroll system
  4. Manage time, fill rates, billing rates, markup percentages and productivity in a single dashboard with one login
  5. Simplify invoicing with built-in mark-up calculations
  6. Streamline seasonal hiring with bulk terminations and re-hiring
  7. Handle multiple time clocks and sites through one simple interface
  8. Monitor productivity, training and other data with proactive alerts
  9. Track profitability and staff performance margins
  10. Track mobile workers with geofencing technology that ensures they are where they should be (eliminates buddy punching)
  11. Enable employees to punch in and out from our mobile app

What will you do with all the time we'll save you every payroll period?

Video: Managing Your Workforce in a Staffing Agency

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