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Time & Attendance Integration with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS

Posted on Friday, June 01, 2018

Time & Attendance Integration with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS | Time Rack

Since 2013, Time Rack has been a preferred partner of Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll software. Our time and attendance software integration with Accounting CS Payroll enables automated, real-time sharing of payroll information between accountants and their clients.

Accounting CS Payroll

Whatever your business or employee needs may be, Accounting CS Payroll from Thomson Reuters quickly performs much of the calculating payroll process for you with greater accuracy. Batch-oriented, fully automated and fully revolutionary, it's a new way to payroll from start to finish.

Time Rack Integration

The integration between Time Rack and Accounting CS Payroll, and those using the myPay Solutions payroll service, allow for the automated sharing of employee time clock information. This eliminates the need to manually sync data, reduces manual data entry and ensures that time and attendance information stays up-to-date.

Furthermore, the integration ensures that time data, new employees, pay rate changes, and other information stays accurate in both systems. It also creates new ways to automate the payroll process, including automatically creating paychecks.

Specifically, Accounting CS users really appreciate the following about Time Rack integration:

  • Accounting CS is the main driver to send data to Time Rack and you can enable it on a client-by-client basis
  • Once a client is set up on Accounting CS, you can download the organizational structure right into Time Rack, reducing your set up time and eliminating errors
  • You can also download employee data eliminating manual entry
  • After time cards are completed for the pay period, the payroll file is transferred directly to Accounting CS and automatically creates a payroll batch

Impact for Accountants

The integration between Time Rack and Accounting CS Payroll enables tax and accounting professionals to provide better service in less time, improve accuracy and offer services that go beyond basic payroll compliance. Accountants can now offer a more unified, more sophisticated HR and payroll system that shares information automatically and makes firm and client processes smoother and more efficient.

In the past, only the big service bureaus could offer this level of sophistication to their clients. Today, the Time Rack – Accounting CS Payroll integration allows all accountants to benefit from a connected solution for time and attendance, human resources and payroll software.

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