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Time & Attendance Geofencing for Your Mobile Workforce

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Time & Attendance Geofencing for Your Mobile Workforce | Time Rack

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that businesses have to be agile – prepared for just about anything.

For service businesses, this means doubling down on critically important basics: employing a first-rate team, focusing on the needs of your customers and streamlining processes so you have the time you need to do the first two things right.

Time Rack makes it easy to take control of your time and attendance processes, no matter where your employees clock in and out. Tracking employees in the field to ensure they are working as they should and being paid accurately should not be complicated.

Close the Gaps in Managing a Far-Flung Workforce with Geofencing

At Time Rack, our mobile time and attendance software is a time-creating solution to the workforce management problems of businesses like construction, home health care, HVAC repair, lawn care, pool maintenance, event security, housekeeping, snow removal, and a long list of other businesses whose “workplace” is wherever the job is.

Our mobile app uses geofencing technology to ensure that your team members are in the right place at the right time, no matter where the “right place” is. When used in time and attendance software, geofencing offers real-time work tracking with GPS-enabled location tracking.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing relies on global positioning system (GPS) satellites to create virtual geographic boundaries for employees to clock in and out within 500 feet or more from a specific address entered by you. If employees clock in/out outside those boundaries, a supervisor is alerted as soon as it happens.

In addition to saving the costs associated with deliberate or careless clocking errors, geofencing eliminates the need for costly supervisor oversight of time clock practices.

Improved Accuracy & Security Saves Time & Money

With features like remote clock in/out, geofencing and electronic communication of key information, the Time Rack mobile app combines accuracy, convenience, cost controls, and security. Employees don’t have to waste time with tiresome procedures for documenting hours and you don’t have to police buddy punching and deal with missed punches – which takes a lot of stress out of payroll processing.

The Time Rack mobile app also provides your employees with the convenience of being able to enter leave requests and check time-off balances – accessibility that also reduces the time HR has to spend addressing these issues. These are important elements in an effective Return on Employee Investment (ROEI) strategy.

Contact us for a personalized demo to learn how we can create the right system for managing your time and attendance needs.

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