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Time & Attendance Tracking that Does What You Need: A Whitepaper

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2018

Time & Attendance Tracking that Does What You Need | Time Rack

In a world in which some companies have begun implanting microchips into employees' hands and GPS-equipped monitoring bracelets can track an employee's every move, it's worth remembering that one of the most profitable things a company can do is to adopt practices that make employees feel valued and inspired.

In a 2015 University of Michigan study, researchers found that treating employees with respect, gratitude, trust and integrity led to improvements in productivity and performance.  A work environment steeped in kindness, support and inspiration, the researchers found, has bottom line benefits including "profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee engagement."

But while it might be hard to find anyone in business who doesn't prefer happy employees to unhappy employees,  it is not difficult to find examples of companies going off the rails in their policies and practices for tracking employee time and attendance.

Employee Tracking Can Go Off the Track

In 2016, a Pennsylvania publisher of business newsletters was ordered to pay $1.75 million in back wages and damages to 6,000 workers after being sued by the U.S. Department of Labor for a practice of requiring employees to clock out for restroom and other short breaks.  While it is not illegal to require employees to clock out to use the restroom, the practice was found to have led to wages that fell below minimum wage for the company's employees, many of whom were telemarketers offering free subscriptions to the company's newsletters, according to a news account.

While off-the-clock bathroom breaks may not necessarily violate wage and hour laws, they probably don't do much for the bottom line either, experts say, because such policies contribute to high-turnover and a workplace atmosphere that saps motivation. Time and attendance policies that put penny-pinching over workplace culture are rarely cost-effective in the long run.

Customized Time & Attendance Technology

There's a better way to create efficient time and attendance practices. The right solution is one that combines customizable state-of-the-art technology with the specific needs of your business, including an integrated HR module that can help ensure that your policies are on the right side of workplace laws and regulations.

Download our whitepaper, Benefits of Subscription-Based Time and Attendance Custom-Tailored Solutions," to see how you can use a customized time and attendance system that works for you – and your employees – streamlining a wide variety of functions, from licensing and certification deadlines, to scheduling, to creating custom reports for compliance reporting and project tracking.

You'll learn about industry-specific features for healthcare, construction, hospitality and government-contracting businesses, along with best practices for choosing the right time and attendance software.

Download our Time & Attendance Whitepaper Here