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Time & Attendance for Small Businesses: A Payroll Provider’s Story

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2017

Time & Attendance for Small Businesses: A Payroll Provider's Story

Amy Brown’s approach to her payroll and bookkeeping business is simple: It’s her job to make things easier for her clients.

As a small business owner herself — she owns and operates Keeper of the Payroll and Keeper of the Books in Knoxville, Tennessee — Brown understands the value of streamlining processes.

“I’m all about streamlined,” she says. “I hate paper.”

So when she had the chance to integrate the Thomson Reuters Accounting CS and myPay software she was already using with Time Rack time and attendance software, she didn’t hesitate.

“With the integration, I’m able to do payroll, time management, HR software, HRAnswerLink – and all of those systems talk together.”

Integration Brings Ease of Use & Transparency

Brown has been offering Time Rack Time & Attendance software to her payroll clients for 4 and ½ years. She says they like the ease and transparency of being able to manage time and attendance and HR functions in one platform. They don’t have to maintain multiple databases or enter information changes multiple times. Their employees like being able to view their payroll information online.

Brown appreciates the way Time Rack solutions can be tailored to the individual needs of her clients, who range from medical to retail, to manufacturing and non-profits – of every size. “For me, it’s the scalability,” she says. “I have clients that have five employees, and I have clients that have 300.”

Big Company Advantages in a Small Business Solution

Brown says the system offers smaller companies a range of services, like HRAnswerLink, that they would not otherwise be able to afford. “They’re getting the advantages of a larger company,” she says. That’s more than just a convenience, she says. It’s time they can use to capitalize on opportunities.

For Brown, the time savings that comes from having only one click between time and attendance and payroll processing is time she can use to provide her clients with the consulting services they need to keep up with changes to payroll rules and regulations.

“It allows me to customize my services,” she says. “The big companies sell payroll as a commodity and we definitely do not. We are very engaged with our clients.”

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