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Seasonal Hiring & WiFi Time Clock Rental Program

Posted on Monday, November 20, 2017

WiFi Time Clock Rental Program for Seasonal Hiring | Time Rack

There’s a lot of work involved in building up a seasonal workforce. But one thing that is sometimes overlooked in the process is the need for a time clock system that can keep up with the additional demand.

At Time Rack, we understand the challenges created when your workforce has to double in size over the course of a few months. We don’t think time and attendance tracking should be one of them.

That’s why we offer the TR900 WiFi time clock with a seasonal rental program: get up and running fast without a huge capital expense.

The Right Time Clock for Your Seasonal Workforce

With the ability to handle up to 8,000 punches per day, the WiFi-enabled TR900 time clock provides the additional capacity you need to handle your seasonal workforce.

You can't afford to slow down just as business is picking up. With our TR900 rental program, you can enter the holiday season confident that you won’t have a line of employees standing around waiting to punch in, or a clock that freezes up from the demand of processing all that extra time card information.

That's critical for places where an influx of seasonal warehouse employees can’t get things on their way to somebody’s Christmas tree until a time clock does its job.

Get to Work Faster with Time Clock Rental

The TR900 may be the solution you need for your seasonal hiring crunch. Its WiFi-enabled system doesn’t require an internet connection or additional data lines and its capacity to handle the extra workload means you can populate the extra time cards with no slow-downs.

And our rental program means you can have as many as you need when you need them without making a big investment in equipment you won’t need when the holidays are over.

So in the run-up to your holiday build-up, remember: nobody can get to work until your time clock does.

Let us help you get ready to handle the holiday rush.

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