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QuickBooks Time & Attendance “Integration”

Posted on Tuesday, May 09, 2017

QuickBooks Time & Attendance Software Integration | Time Rack

Integrating time and attendance solutions with QuickBooks is desired by many so that employee hours and other payroll data can be accounted for. While many time and attendance software vendors claim to be integrated with QuickBooks, it's not what you think.

Here’s the truth about T&A integration and where Time Rack stands.

"Integration" Today

QuickBooks can only import financial data. It cannot import payroll or time and attendance data. That means there is no automated way for QuickBooks to pull information from your T&A software.

However, you can manually import a "flat file" (.csv) with employee and payroll data into QuickBooks desktop software. This is what Time Rack supports, and what other vendors mean by their time and attendance "integration."

Time Rack also has a custom API integration with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll software that allows for the automated upload of T&A data directly from Time Rack into Accounting CS.

Integration Tomorrow

We expect the QuickBooks development team to eventually update their API to accept time and attendance data.

Until then, the manual export from Time Rack and import into QuickBooks is the only way to avoid re-keying all employee T&A data.

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