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New Whitepaper: How to Avoid Overtime Lawsuits

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Time & Attenance Whitepaper: Avoid Overtime Lawsuits | Time Rack

As reported in national law firm Seyfarth Shaw's annual report, federal wage and hour lawsuits filed nationally have increased by more than 400% since 2000.

A spokesman for Seyfarth Shaw said, "If, as a business owner, I have $100 to spend on compliance efforts, $95 to $99 would be focused on wage and hour compliance because that is where the most risk is these days."

For employers of all sizes, the next $1 million lawsuit – and possible bankruptcy – is right around the corner because of a disgruntled employee that claims they were not paid overtime properly.

How to Protect Your Organization

Time tracking is an obvious first step to track all time worked, breaks and overtime, but how can you prove that you are adhering to the myriad of employee laws, especially if you have employees in the field and/or operate in multiple states?

Having a reliable means of reporting all employee activity is crucial. Many small and medium sized organizations track time manually or use antiquated punch clocks. This often leads to buddy punching and other employee abuses.

How can you track employee time accurately, prevent abuse and have all the reporting you need at your fingertips to protect yourself against a lawsuit or government fine?

Whitepaper Highlights

Our latest whitepaper, How Time & Attendance Solutions Protect Employers From Overtime Lawsuits, explains how to reduce this risk in four sections:

  • At-Risk Employers & Overtime Horror Stories
  • Overtime Tracking Accuracy
  • A Record of Protection & Overtime Reduction
  • Compliance with Changing Laws

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