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Managing Time and Attendance with Thomson Reuters and QuickBooks

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018

Time & Attendance for Thomson Reuters and QuickBooks Users | Time Rack

Integration has become the standard for accounting innovation: the seamless movement of information from one system to another is more than a convenience for the professionals who have to keep up with the complex and rapidly changing demands of the modern business world.

Yesterday's "high-tech" solutions become today's minimum requirements seemingly overnight, as sophisticated software continually resets the bar for both the speed and flexibility of information management and financial reporting capabilities.

Integrated accounting systems allow the flow of financial information between different functions and platforms, reducing or eliminating the need to enter information by hand, or to enter the same information in multiple places, and improving accuracy in the process.

In addition to time savings and accuracy, integration also brings greater transparency to an organization's financial picture, with flexible reporting capability and easy access to layers of financial data.

So while there are CPAs still getting payroll information via telephone or spreadsheet, it is increasingly difficult to justify the time required to do so, no matter the size of their client's business operations.

Flexible technology that integrates with the industry's top accounting software platforms can save hours of labor and improve accuracy with one-click uploading of time and attendance data.

Integrating with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS and MyPay

As a Thomson Reuters partner, Time Rack time and attendance software integrates directly with both Accounting CS and MyPay Solutions platforms. This process shares information in real time, eliminating the need to manually sync data, reducing manual entry and ensuring that all payroll information remains current.

Integration allows the creation of paychecks in Accounting CS Payroll with time clock files imported from Time Rack. It's a time savings small and mid-sized payroll companies often use to provide more customized services to their clients.

QuickBooks Time & Attendance Strategies

QuickBooks users also can also take advantage of time and attendance efficiencies. Although the popular accounting software can currently only import financial data, Time Rack software supports the import of a .csv (or "flat file") of data into QuickBooks desktop software.

HR Module

For users of either platform, Time Rack also offers an add-on human resources (HR) module that can streamline employee data and automate numerous HR functions from onboarding to insurance and benefits, expense reimbursement, workers' comp documentation and performance reviews – bringing large company resources to companies of any size.

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