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How to Apply Fyre Festival Lessons to Time & Attendance

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2019

Time & Attendance Software & Fyre Festival Lessons | Time Rack

It was probably the location that sold the whole thing.

The Bahamas, early summer: Two weekends on a private island with white-sand beaches, swaying palms and water as clear as premium vodka. Combine it with luxury tents, catered meals and hanging with Instagram’s finest while listening to some of the hippest DJ and hip-hop acts around, and you have an event that’d make even the most jaded influencer use their greenest face filter.

All sounds vaguely familiar, right? You know where this is going.

The Fyre Festival went on to spawn dueling documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, a six-year jail sentence for its organizer and if Google news is right, lawsuits are still being thrown around over two years later.

Schadenfreude aside – admit it, it’s funny to see rich, jet-setting influencers get taken for a ride – there’s an important lesson here and it’s one you can apply to business. Sure, a reliable time and attendance solution certainly wouldn’t have made Fyre worse, but that’s not the lesson.

The lesson’s really about the risks of FoMO.

Weighing FoMO Risks: Always A Smart Move

FoMO – The Fear of Missing Out – was coined by consumer strategy consultant Dan Herman in the late ‘90s. Basically, FoMO is a form of social anxiety, only instead of being based around public speaking or failure, it’s about the fear of missing an opportunity.

Those lines for midnight movie premieres? The newest smartphone? The Tesla Model 3? To varying degrees, FoMO fuels them all.

FoMO’s totally understandable, too. Missing out on something fun, useful or exciting is the worst, and for a lot of people the long wait outside the theater is part of the shared experience that makes those experiences fun and exciting.

But FoMO comes with certain risks. Take the Fyre Festival: Its audience was promised a unique catered experience and wound up in FEMA tents. Those people waiting for the Model 3? Many of them experienced long delays between ordering and receiving their car. As for phones? Ask anyone who ever owned a Galaxy Note 7.

Sometimes waiting a bit and taking a longer view can be the more profitable path. Sure, a new player in the industry might make promises about this feature and that solution, but have they proven themselves yet?

More importantly, why leave what works?

A Proven Track Record

The thing about Time Rack is we’re not just another monthly invoice fee. We’re a true partner, a provider of cutting-edge time and attendance solutions with an established, successful track record. We pride ourselves on growing with our clients, able to adjust pricing and interface options for our clients’ changing needs.

The Time Rack difference starts at launch. We’ve taken every measure possible to ensure implementation is swift and as painless as possible. That implementation is backed up with attentive customer service and the knowledge our clients are using one of the market’s most secure time management platforms.

There’s another distinguishing characteristic of Time Rack: we listen. We don’t just add features and improvements on the whim of the marketplace, those decisions are made by listening to our clients’ experiences and learning what works and doesn’t work for them.

It’s why we even write blogs featuring our clients. It’s not just great way to advertise our clients’ successes, it also lets us know what works and how we can apply those methods to the future.

Finally, listen to this: Time Rack’s going to be making some big changes as this year winds down.

Evolving A Reliable Platform For Tomorrow’s Needs

Our technology – Time Rack HR, our mobile app, our geofencing features – are continuously being improved. We’ve got two new physical clock models about to come out, courtesy of a new manufacturer. Powered by the latest technology and higher resolution displays, our new clocks are ready to follow your workers into the future, with features including a massively upgraded fingerprint scanner that can read prints even through gloves.

As part of the FBG Holdings family of companies, Time Rack clients also have access to the services offered by our sister companies. Payroll Tax Management offers scalable payroll tax processing and other services ranging from payroll tax software to full-service payroll tax outsourcing.

Finally, we’re about to embark on an entirely new service at Time Rack. Because we’ve been listening to our clients and paying close attention to market trends, we’re planning to roll out a new vendor management system. Time Rack’s looking for beta testers, so if this interests you – and if you’re in the staffing industry, a VMS is your best friend – don’t hesitate to contact a Time Rack expert today.

Developing Products with Empathy as Trust is Earned

At the end of the day, we want to earn your trust. Our reputation is good, our tech is rock-solid, and our customer service means we answer our phones. Our products continue to evolve with both client input and the needs of the industries we serve.

FoMO can be a huge motivator behind a decision, but ask yourself this: Can you rely on FoMO? Why risk leaving what works? Why take time away from what you do best to learn an entire new system or to deal with a vendor who may not be able to deliver on their promises?

Time Rack doesn’t offer the new and untested. We just build and evolve on what works. For more information, click on the link below.

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