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CPAs: Streamline Payroll Processing with HR Support

Posted on Friday, December 01, 2017

Time & Attendance Software: CPA Streamline Payroll | Time Rack

At the 2017 Thomson Reuters Synergy conference in Nashville earlier this month, we were surprised at the number of CPAs we met that are still getting their payroll information the hard way.

"Our clients fax it in," some CPAs told us. "They call it in," said others. Or: "They send us a spreadsheet."

We heard from CPAs handling up to 100 clients, with 10 to 300 employees, who described having to manually enter time and attendance data before they could run the payroll and cut checks.

With Time Rack, this is no longer necessary.

Take the Work Out of Payroll Processing

When we heard from CPAs using or exploring Accounting CS and MyPay Solutions software, we were able to share some good news: Time Rack's time and attendance solutions can eliminate all of that extra work, while also reducing errors and the threat of liability for wage-related claims.

Our software is fully integrated with Accounting CS Payroll so there is no need to enter time and attendance information by hand.

No more faxing. No more deciphering paper time cards. Our software's functionality automatically shares data between Time Rack and Accounting CS Payroll in real time. Time Rack’s time clock data can be uploaded to the accounting and payroll software in one click, enabling the automatic creation of paychecks.

Not using Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll? We can create custom payroll bridge files to streamline time and attendance uploading to other payroll software applications, including QuickBooks.

Payroll & Employee Data at Your Fingertips

Time Rack also offers an integrated HR module that CPAs can offer to their clients, freeing them of the time-consuming drudgery of managing mountains of HR documents. The module also provides access to on-demand HR support and services.

The HR module integrates human resources and payroll information and creates a digital file cabinet for things like onboarding, expense reimbursement, performance reviews and leave tracking.

Our HR module also includes access to HRAnswerLink, an on-demand HR support and services that includes a state-specific HR manual covering relevant local laws.

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