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Busy Dentist is All Smiles When it Comes to His Time and Attendance System

Posted on Friday, June 29, 2018

Time & Attendance Software | Why a Busy Dentist Loves Time Rack

Three years ago, cosmetic dentist Kareem Abraham made a big move: trading in his job at a Minnesota dental office to buy his own practice in Santa Ana, Calif.

He didn't have any business experience; his business was teeth. But you don't get through dental school unless you are pretty good at learning what you need to know. One of the first things Abraham did after buying the practice he operates as Lifetime Smiles of OC, was to seek out advice on the things he needed to learn.

What, he wondered, was the best way to manage his employees' time and attendance? The office had a time clock, but it wasn't particularly up-to-date or easy to use. So Abraham went to his accountant for advice. The accountant told him he know of a lot of dentists who had recently switched to Time Rack. So Abraham did.

"I switched and it's great," he said. "My staff is much happier with Time Rack.  It's easy. Very friendly."

Worry-Free Time and Attendance Promotes Happiness

In a profession that requires him to focus on mostly very small things, not having to focus on time and attendance is not a small thing. "Here's the thing for me," he explains. "I don't have to worry about it. I have a lot of stuff to worry about. I worry about my patients, my team – do they get paid on time? So, one less thing to worry about."

Plus, a worry-free time and attendance system means happier employees. And that means a lot, Abraham says, when your business is built around the contradiction of providing an important service that people don't typically enjoy receiving. A dentist's office, he says, can use all the happiness it can get – even one in the business of creating better smiles.

"I just want to make people happy," Abraham says. "They go across the office to the medi-spa, they're happy. At the dentist's office, not so much." 

Still, with 1,500  patients and a staff of eight sticking with him, it seems safe to say that Abraham's practice is not an unhappy place.  And Abraham says he is very happy with the support service he gets from the people at Time Rack.  The support has been "awesome," he says. "I really enjoy working with Time Rack."

All of which, of course, has us smiling too.

Time and Attendance Solutions Tailored for You

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