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Time & Attendance Software for Staffing Agencies

Used since 2004 by hundreds of staffing agencies across the country to simplify time and attendance tracking, Time Rack was designed for the staffing industry.

If you're still using timecards, manually entering time and attendance and/or relying on Excel for client invoicing and reporting, consider how much time you and your staff spend on these tasks—every payroll run.

Time Rack eliminates the need for these cumbersome processes and gives you time back that you can spend on better things. You only pay for active employees.

Video: Managing Your Workforce in a Staffing Agency

Streamlining Time & Attendance Capture

Your employees can easily clock in via time clock or our mobile app with geofencing, and review and approve timecards electronically (from anywhere). This eliminates the need to print out timecard sand have them signed. All of your reporting is automated, so you have access to real-time employee information whenever you need it.

Time Rack then automatically syncs time and attendance data with your payroll system, including COATS.

Automated Client Invoicing & Reporting

Time Rack automated invoicing and reporting capabilities eliminate the need to manually mark up costs in Excel before sending them to the client, a time-consuming and error-prone process that does little for client relationships.

With Time Rack, you simply enter your mark-ups and changes, then send them to your client. It's a convenience you and your clients will love – and one you won't find in most other time and attendance systems.

You can also manage time, billing rates and markup percentages in a single dashboard with one login and have the option of providing your clients with the ability to run their own invoicing reports.

Additional Time & Attendance Benefits for Staffing

  • Only pay for active employees – most other time and attendance solutions charge you for both active and inactive employees unless you manually remove inactive employees, while Time Rack automates this process
  • Streamline seasonal hiring with bulk termination and re-hiring
  • Handle multiple time clocks and sites through one simple interface
  • Monitor productivity, training and other data with proactive alerts
  • Track profitability and staff performance margins
  • Track mobile workers with geofencing technology that ensures they are where they should be (eliminates buddy punching)
  • Enable employees to punch in and out from our mobile app

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