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Time & Attendance for CPAs & Accounting Firms

How CPAs Increase Profitability & Client Retention with Time & Attendance + HR Services

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Outside of tax season and quarterly tax planning, savvy CPAs seek ways to add value and generate additional recurring revenue streams to grow their practices, increase profitability and increase "stickiness" with their clients.

Offering time and attendance (T&A) software and to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is a compelling way to achieve these goals—especially if you offer payroll services. This can also help fend off competition from medium and large CPA firms that are increasingly offering these services and added value. CPA firms that offer both time and attendance in addition and payroll offering retain a client up to 7 years longer than those who don't.

The Best Part: we will do all the software implementation, training and ongoing client care for you as an extension of your practice. This means happy clients and you can instead focus your time on payroll and other things you do best instead of having to be a time and attendance expert.

Time Rack Time & Attendance

Time Rack HR

T&A software eliminates a lot extra work for you and your clients, while also reducing errors and the threat of liability for wage-related claims. And the efficiencies grow exponentially when it's integrated with your payroll software, like Thomson Reuters ACS, Sage, and myPay Solutions. If your clients use QuickBooks, integration is a simple file upload away.

Integration eliminates the need to enter time and attendance information by hand because T&A data is automatically shared in real time. Time Rack allows you to create a custom payroll bridge for your payroll software to streamline time and attendance uploading.

T&A also eliminates the collection and deciphering of paper timecards. Time clock data can be uploaded to your accounting and payroll software in one click, enabling the automatic creation of paychecks. And our mobile app allow employees in the field to punch in and out with their mobile device and use geofencing to ensure they're working where they are supposed to be, and not buddy punching.

Time Rack HR

Time Rack HR

Many SMBs struggle to stay on top of workplace regulations and employee issues with understaffed or nonexistent HR departments.

With Time Rack HR, you can deliver even more solutions for your SMB clients with an array of services they need most:

  • Overall HR support
  • Process streamlining:
    • New employee onboarding
    • Benefits and insurance tracking
    • Performance reviews
    • Expense reports and reimbursement
    • Training and certification tracking
    • Equipment issuance and tracking
    • Workers' compensation claims
    • Garnishments
    • Employee termination
  • Employee self-service (access to HR forms and company documents)
  • Employee records storage (virtual file cabinet)

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