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Time & Attendance Solutions: About

Make payroll processing a "non-event" and get your time back: Time Rack alleviates stress with time and attendance automation and comprehensive reporting with software, time clocks, a mobile app with geofencing, and an HR module.

By ensuring employees are paid accurately and can easily request time off, Time Rack helps employers maximize their return on employee investment (ROEI).

Why We Do It

Time is the only non-renewable resource we have, so we free up your time so you can spend it serving your customers, growing your business and being with your family.

This is done by eliminating:

  • Data entry and the human error it creates
  • Having to create invoices and reports in Excel
  • Manual timekeeping and other processes
  • Manually tracking employees in the field
  • Missed punches and buddy punching
  • Paper time cards

Who We Serve

In addition to serving customers across many industries—with special expertise with grocery, hospitality, retail, and healthcare—we also partner with staffing agencies, CPA firms and payroll providers that serve these and other markets

Partners using Thomson Reuters Accounting CS and Apex appreciate that Time Rack time and attendance software is fully integrated with these payroll solutions so that all of your time and attendance data is available in your payroll system with a minimum of data entry.

All of our partners appreciate that we implement time and attendance solutions and support their clients over time – so our partners don't need to become time and attendance experts in order to add value with a time and attendance solution.

How We Do It

Start with a personalized demo: share your time and attendance/payroll headaches with us. We'll show you how they can be overcome, and how many hours you can save every payroll period. We will implement your time and attendance solution by configuring all payroll rules, being at your side as you process the first payroll, and train your management team to administer the system and train employees how to use it.

Expert time and attendance support is then just a click or call away to solve problems, customize your solution further, and explore how you can get more out of your time and attendance investment. No other time and attendance vendor offers this.

Contact us to learn more about time and attendance solutions