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Geofencing Adds Pinpoint Accuracy & Efficiency to Mobile Time & Attendance for Remote Employees

For Time Rack clients and Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll users with a remote workforce, managing employees in the field has never been easier.

Geofencing ensures that remote employees are working where they should be without being able to abuse the time and attendance system by clocking in from their couch.

How Geofencing Works

Step 1

Under Clock Management > Mobile In/Out page, click on the checkbox “Use Geofencing?”

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 2

Step 2

When “Use GeoFencing” checkbox is checked and saved, following changes will be shown on specified pages:

  1. An option to add GeoFencing location (s) will be displayed as shown below.

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 3

When clicking the “Add Locations” link, a pop-up screen will open where you can add different locations.

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 3

By providing Location Name, Address and Radius, a location can be added/updated/deleted.

  1. Click on the “Punch outside specified location(s)” checkbox then the Update button.

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 3

Step 3

On the employee page, select the employee, click the “Mobile App With Location” button, assign the Alert policy and then click the Update button.

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 4

Step 4

Login to the Mobile app with the same employee credentials whose employee page has been updated, and punch in outside the specified radius to test.

Step 5

In the Time Rack web application, open the Timecard page. You will see an alert for the clock-in outside of the geofencing zone with a red-triangle. Clicking on the record will initiate a pop-up window that gives you more information for the employee clock in/out issue.

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 6

Geofencing Time & Attendance: Step 6

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