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Time & Attendance Case Study

Time Rack Time & Attendance Case Study

Time Rack’s Integration with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll Saves Payroll Company More than 500 Hours per Year and Helps Grow Revenues by over $200,000 without Adding Staff

A partnership with Time Rack lets Action Payroll™ clients take advantage of even greater time savings with time and attendance software integrated with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS payroll. The integration creates a streamlined flow of hours from time clock to paycheck in just a few clicks—with ongoing benefits for both Action Payroll and its clients.

Powerful Time & Attendance Software Under an Easy-to-Use Interface

Action’s VP David Maunsell said he started looking into offering time and attendance as a bundled service after learning that Time Rack was a preferred vendor with Thomson Reuters. A Time Rack representative and a personalized demonstration sealed the deal. “The synchronization between Time Rack and Accounting CS is really, really good,” Maunsell said. “It looks very simple to customers, but it is extremely powerful.”

“When someone is trying to run a business, the last thing they want is for something to be complicated or for it not to work. They just don’t have the time,” he said. Time Rack is especially useful for clients whose employees do not clock in from a central location and need the flexibility of a mobile app that lets employees clock in from their phones.

Partnership Yields Benefits on Both Sides of the Time Clock

The benefits do not stop with Action Payroll’s clients. Because the software sends time and attendance data directly to Action Payroll’s Accounting CS software, the company saves about 10 hours in payroll processing time each week for a total of 520 hours per year. Even better, the software has allowed Action Payroll to grow its business without having to add staff.

“We can take on much larger clients utilizing Time Rack software versus trying to do it ourselves.”

“We have one deal that is over 300 employees in 33 locations throughout the state of Maine,” Maunsell said. Without Time Rack “it would have been very cumbersome and our margins would not be what they are now. That customer takes us about 10 minutes. Without Time Rack it would take hours.”

That has had a “huge impact” on the growth of the business, Maunsell said. “We would have had a very hard time playing in that space” without Time Rack, he said. “It probably increased our business by over $100,000 annually over the last two years.”

Efficiency has also helped Action Payroll maintain lower prices while providing the highest quality customer service. That combination of quality and savings, says Maunsell, is “a home run.”

Could Your Payroll Practice Use a Home Run?

Connect with us and we’ll show you how easy we can make it for you to provide a complete time and attendance solution for your clients, including whatever combination of software, hardware, mobile app, and HR module your clients need—so you can add value, become even “stickier” and retain your clients longer.

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