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Time & Attendance Case Study

Time Rack Time & Attendance Case Study

With over 30 stores, ensuring updated, consistent and easily available information is crucial in making informed decisions and controlling costs.

Business Benefits:

  • Over 50 % reduction in administrative costs of time card management including collecting, verifying, processing and reporting weekly employee hours.
  • A 25% reduction in employee overtime realized with real-time system alerts and reporting.
  • Increased processing efficiency of time card submission to payroll. The Time Rack® platform ensures consistent policies and procedures are applied to all locations and employees.
  • Shift of control and decision-making ability from corporate to store level managers due to flexibility of system.
  • Complete audit trail of employee tardiness, absence and attendance records.
  • Availability of historical information to perform intelligence reporting such as trend analysis, productive analysis etc.

Nice n Easy Grocery Shoppes with over 30 locations was able to leverage updated, consistent and easily available information to make informed decisions and control time & attendance costs. The Time Rack® software provided a centralized, secure and reliable architecture with proper security credentials. Time Rack® is a web-based software with a proven methodology for time & attendance tracking. In addition, their knowledgeable implementation team shortened implementation time as no software needs to be installed on client machines. Plus, preconfigured templates for the grocer industry contributed to fast implementation.

To discover how Time Rack® can deliver similar results for your company, please contact Time Rack® at 951-309-0500.

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