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Time & Attendance Case Study

Time Rack Time & Attendance Case Study

Business Benefits:

  • Over 70% reduction in administrative costs of time card management including collecting, verifying, processing and reporting weekly employee hours.
  • A 40% reduction in employee overtime due to real-time system alerts and reporting.
  • Increased processing efficiency of time card submission to payroll. The Time Rack® platform ensures consistent policies and procedures are applied to all locations and employees.
  • Enhanced customer service at the store level due to adequate employee coverage during peak times with the intuitive employee scheduling feature.
  • Eliminated "buddy punching" due to bio-metric finger print clocks.
  • Complete audit trail of employee tardiness, absence and attendance records.

Cardenas supermarkets is a grocery store chain outlet which employs over 3,000 part-time and full-time employees and has more than 30 locations throughout Southern California. Cardenas faced tremendous growth in the last several years, resulting in new business challenges such as managing employee time & attendance processes.

Time Rack® was able to provide Cardenas with a web-based time & attendance solution which allowed Cardenas to control costs, streamline time card processes and manage growth organically. Time Rack® specializes in grocery chain outlets and understands the unique challenges companies face within the industry.

"Time Rack® with their knowledgeable and responsive implementation team was able to deliver a complete solution and cater to our unique business challenges. This resulted in tremendous cost savings, increased employee productivity and tighter controls" said Martha Michel, director of Human resources at Cardenas.

Time Rack® has an easy and user-friendly scheduling interface that allowed store managers to accurately schedule employees, compare actual vs. scheduled attendance in real-time with proactive corrective action. Not only did store managers spend significantly less time managing this process, but they were also able to control overtime and double overtime hours, resulting in cost savings.

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