Grocery stores are the backbone of each community. They provide a familiar place where locals congregate to feed their families. If you are a local grocer, you understand how important it is to keep track of your people who serve your community. The Time Rack™ system was built to keep you fully informed of your headcount in each store and department. This web based time and attendance system will ensure steady management within work premises.

Workforce management in the grocery industry is a challenging task owing to the huge volume of staff, complex shift patterns and compound labor laws. Time Rack™ time clocks for employees are a proven biometric solution for grocery stores.

Time & Attendance Software

Proactive alerts to assist with overtime management for hourly employees. Our time and attendance solution reduces overtime by 20% on average.

Time and Attendance Solutions

Meal and break time compliance. Receive proactive alerts to monitor your staff in real time.

Web Based Time Clock Systems

Manage time off and vacation requests to keep your store covered throughout the year.

Time and Attendance Software

Budget alerts to keep your employees schedules in line with your expenses.

Time Management Systems

Employee lock out allows you to control when employees are coming in and going out of the work place.

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